Merry Christmas!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this creative space 😒 but
I’d like to share the fireplace and chimney I created for my work desk … This isn’t my original idea, I pulled it from Pinterest. I hand cut it from copy paper boxes! I changed the computer background to a fireplace and removed any screensaver.
I pulled this together over 2 very late nights and felt like giving up a few times lol but I successfully completed it. 🙌 Love and miss everyone here, hope to see you again in 2016!




Christmas Rewind

It’s Saturday! Woo hoo!!! And I’m happy for it.
Today I’m taking you guys back. I made a few cards for my boyfriend’s coworkers this past holiday season. I couldn’t get around to making more for the rest of our families, though 😦
Please enjoy!image



Christmas, already!?!

So, some people are already posting Christmas projects. Holiday prepping is earlier and earlier every year LOL

In an effort to not procrastinate, here’s my early bird Christmas post!!! (watch, it’ll probably be the only early one, the rest will be done the week of Christmas lol I’m bad).

Unfortunately, there is no supply list for this one. The papers are from my scrap drawer and the stamp has no name, sorry folks. But you get the general idea 😉

Round Christmas card

Dimension!     Inside sentiment