This Blogging Thing Is Hard!!

Especially if you’re as lazy as I am. Unmotivated, tired, and … mostly tired lol
Many of my Facebook friends know that I do not work during the summer because I work during the regular school year from September to May for a government funded preschool program. So, during the summer I have all the time in the world to craft, blog, and stay awake until all crazy hours of the night LOL. When school starts, though, my full time job game face is on! Unfortunately my crafty mojo takes a severe nose-dive. It sucks! I still watch tons of craft YouTube videos and surf Pinterest boards but just never make it into my craft room 😦
So, I’m sorry I fell behind. Some of you have already asked if I was updating anytime soon, but I can’t feed you guys anymore excuses lol
I’M READY! Let’s try this blogging thing again.
Please don’t give up on me ♥
New posts every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY!!!


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